Meet Brad

Growing up in rural South Dakota, I learned the value of faith and hard work from my parents, who have now been married 52 years.

The youngest of three children, with an older sister and twin brother, we saw a great example of teamwork from our parents and neighboring farmers, along with witnessing the loyalty of my father working for one company more than 40 years and the entrepreneurial skills of my mother owning and running a flower shop and bridal dress business for many years.

After college, I settled in Sioux Falls and began a career in sales and technology, working at Hutchinson Technology for almost 5 years and becoming Sales Lead and Project Manager for Verizon/Wireless World for almost 20 years.. Currently, I’m in the RV business, along with owning a direct-selling internet business and a floor cleaning business on the side.

My passion is truly caring for others through my job, businesses, church activities, and non-profit work. I am a local, state, and national pro-life leader and also a board member at the Union Gospel Mission. My heart for all people, including the preborn and homeless, stems from my personal relationship with Jesus Christ which began at a young age and continues to this day.

My love for this city, state, and country comes from growing up here and appreciating the fact that we were founded on a Judeo-Christian heritage which welcomes everyone, loves and respects all, including those who come from other places, fights for life and liberty, and recognizes that all freedoms ultimately come from our Creator.

Our state motto, “Under God the People Rule,” along with our national motto, “In God We Trust,” are not simply nice phrases. They are foundational to what will keep our democratic republic free. Similarly, respecting our flag and history are not archaic, but essential to understanding the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf. My father was in the military and instilled in me the love of service to our country and the importance of honoring our heroes in uniform, no matter what branch, including law enforcement. We owe it to those who have gone before us and paid the ultimate price, our wounded veterans and those who have lost their very lives, to keep fighting for freedom.

I intend to carry this compassion for others and servant attitude into politics as I work to gain the respect and trust of my fellow citizens in District 14, putting them first and making sure that all people are heard and understood, while assuring them that my job to represent them will not be taken lightly. My commitment to work for them will be based on mutual love and respect, to ensure that each citizen is loved and valued as God intended.

I humbly ask for your support and vote…God bless!


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